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I would like to order some information material about EFAFLEX products. Where can I order this information?

Go to "Contact" on our website. There, you can order information material about our products.

Whom can I contact in order to fix an appointment for consultation?

Go to "Locations" on our website. Enter your postcode and find out who your EFAFLEX sales representative is.

Whom can I contact if there are any problems with my door?

Just contact your customer service office or call our service hotline at 01952 582 641, only for UK.

Whom can I contact if I would like to have maintenance work or an accident prevention regulation carried out at my door?

Contact your responsible customer service office or call out service hotline at 01952 582 641

Are high-speed doors suitable as emergency exit?

Not always. Although there have already been some individual releases it very much depends on the case of application, the environment of the door as well as of the regional regulations. Before using a high-speed door as emergency exit, you should ask the door manufacturer for information as well as the testing facility.

How can I save energy when I use an EFAFLEX high-speed door?

The loss and gain of heat between the indoor and the outdoor area can be reduced to a minimum due to the short opening and closing times. In addition, the loss and the gain of heat if the door is in rest state can be kept as low as possible due to the excellent heat insulation properties of our EFA-THERM laths.

What distinguishes a high-speed door?

High-speed doors are door systems which are mainly installed for commercial and industrial use. They represent a technical derivative of the well-known sectional doors or roll-up doors. The main difference is that they are designed for high-speed operation as well as for a high number of operating cycles (opening and closing).

Does EFAFLEX also carry out maintenance work with doors of other manufacturers?

Within the recommended maintenance agreements, we carry out the prescribed inspections of power-driven doors, with EFAFLEX as well as with doors of other manufacturers.

Can EFAFLEX doors also be used in materials handling?

EFAFLEX high-speed doors can also be installed in connection with automated transport systems or runways.
The advantages of our high-speed doors are especially useful for materials handling since the doors in automated logistics are often very highly frequented.

What do I have to do with the ACS door after a crash?

After a crash has happened, the door is slowly moved upwards by pushing the button at the control. By doing this, the clicked-out lower part of the door leaf is automatically clicked-in again by return guides. The correct joining of the door leaf is checked automatically. Still during the closing movement, the regular automatic operation is continued again.

Is it possible to see EFAFLEX doors in reality?

There are two possibilities. You can either visit us at one of the numerous fairs - for information about fairs please go to "Fairs" on our website - or you can contact your competent EFAFLEX sales representative and visit one of our satisfied customers together with the sales representative in order to see the doors installed there.

How can EFAFLEX high-speed doors run so fast and so wear-free?

There are several reasons why EFAFLEX high-speed doors move so fast and at the same time wear-free: the careful acceleration and decelerating by means of frequency converters or the support by spring packs or weights during opening are only two of the reasons. Due to the use of the EFAFLEX spiral, our doors of the S series are additionally guided in a wear-free manner.

Is it possible to get EFAFLEX doors in our corporate design?

This depends on the door type. In principle, the doors can be designed very individually as far as the colours are concerned. The laths of the EFA-SST can, for example, be powder-coated with almost every colour of the RAL system.

What does the cheetah stand for in the EFAFLEX logo?

The cheetah is the fastest terrestrial animal of the world and uniquely combines speed with aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it perfectly represents the EFAFLEX high-speed doors.

Are EFAFLEX high-speed doors also available in special designs (e.g. for explosion-protected areas or for laser bombardment)?

EFAFLEX offers special solutions for special applications. The EFA-SST for example is available in a design which satisfies all requirements in connection with explosion-protected rooms. Another special design of the EFA-SST was developed so that it complies with all specifications in connection with laser beam bombardment.

What is meant by a crash system?

In the case of a crash, crash systems reduce the damages caused by the crash. EFAFLEX offers you two different crash systems, depending on the door types.

1) EFA-ACS: the Active Crash System is used in our door types of the S series. During a collision in the lower area of the door leaf, the lower door leaf module is clicked out on both sides up to a height of 100cm. The hanging is then moved to the upper end position with reduced speed and runs on return guides on both sides. Thus, the inner and the outer hinges are joined with each other again fully automatically.

2) EFA-EAS: the lower part of the door leaf is pressed out of its guides on both sides. The door leaf and the closing edge can simply be reinstalled by operating the hand lever.

What is the difference between the opening and the door leaf speed?

The maximum door leaf speed is the spped which can be achieved during opening. The standard, factory-set speed is, by contrast, the average speed with which the door opens normally. Due to the careful acceleration and deceleration (which is achieved by using a frequency converter), the acceleration is curve-like which results in an average speed.

How does the automatic emergency opening work?

In case of the automatic emergency opening, the door is moved to the upper end position after operating the hand lever, either by means of the elastic force of the springs or by means of weights. Thus, the door can also be opened and passed during a power failure.

Are horizontally opening doors also included in your product range?

Our high-speed folding doors of the F series open horizontally. Thus, the complete clearance height is free for passing immediately .

Can a pedestrian door be integrated into my EFAFLEX high-speed door?

This depends on the door type. Some of our doors, such as for example the EFA-SFT, can be equipped with an integrated pedestrian door. With other doortypes like the EFA-SST, flanking pedestrian doors in door blade design can be ordered. If you are interested these products, please contact your competent sales representative.

What are the maximum dimensions of EFAFLEX high-speed doors?

This depends on the door type. Some of our doors can be manufactured with a maximum width of 10 metres and a maximum height of 8 metres.

What is the U value (heat transfer coefficient or formerly k value)?

The U value, which is also called heat transfer coefficient, indicates the heat transfer through a single- or multilayer material layer when there are different temperatures on both sides. The value indicates the amount of energy which transfers an area of 1 m² per second if the air temperature on both sides differs stationary by 1 K. The bigger the heat transfer coefficient, the worse the heat insulation properties of the material. Thanks to the new EFA-THERM laths, our high-speed spiral door EFA-SST achieves U values up to 0.7 W/m²K (depending on the hanging).

What are EFA-THERM laths?

The new EFA-THERM laths are double-walled and thermally separated. Depending on the thickness of the laths (EFA-THERM laths are available with a thickness of 40, 60 and 80 mm), the doors archieve excellent heat insulation values up to 0.7 W/m²K. The EFA-THERM laths are available for our high-speed spiral door EFA-SST.

What are EFA-CLEAR laths?

EFA-CLEAR laths are transparent laths made of acrylic glass. They are also available as double-walled and thermally separated version and can therefore contribute to the heat insulation of your door. The EFA-CLEAR laths are available for our high-speed spiral door EFA-SST.

What does the weight balance by means of springs or weights accomplish?

The springs or the weights support the motor during opening the door. In addition, after operating the hand lever, they make it possible that the door can also be opened in the case of a power failure.

What are frequency converters useful for?

A frequency converter makes the door run more slowly in the end positions. The careful acceleration and deceleration ensures a nearly wear-free movement and therefore guarantees a longer service life of the doors.

Can EFAFLEX door controls be integrated into already existing control systems?

Our door systems are equipped with the corresponding interfaces.
Different control commands can be sent to the door control or the status of the control can be queried via these interfaces.

Is it possible to retrofit existing door systems with EFA-SCAN?

EFA-SCAN, the first laser scanner worldwide for the use with a door, is directly integrated into the door frame of new doors and is thus very space-saving. In the case of already existing door systems, EFA-SCAN can easily be retrofitted by means of a bollard which at the same time serves as crash protection.