Intelligent networking for your doors

EFA-SmartConnect® at a glance

  • Provides the status of all doors to your smartphone
  • Simplifies planning of maintenance and repairs
  • Fast problem diagnosis and digital service notification sent to EFAFLEX
  • Prevents downtime and unnecessary costs
  • Use of the existing Wi-Fi possible
  • Data ownership remains with the user
  • No registration necessary
  • Works independently of mobile networks

Additional information

All your doors at a simple glance

With EFA-SmartConnect® EFAFLEX are providing the IoT solution for your network enabled doors. This simple user-friendly appprovides intuitive prompts to real time centralized monitoring, providing the status of your doors. In line with the principle of ‘Diagnosis – Service – Maintenance’ should any fault occur it’s immediately be flagged for preventative action, minimizing downtime, lowering associated operating costs.

Optimised service – only a click away

Thanks to the in-built technology this clever app works efficiently in the background. In the event of failure, messaging can be forwarded directly to your local EFAFLEX service partner using real time information that accelerates the process, reducing downtime yet further. Assistance really is just a click away.

Maximum data security

Thanks to the technology your data security is assured. EFA-SmartConnect® only gathers the data it needs, saving it locally in your network. Throughout the process information remains safe and confidential using state of the art end-to-end encryption. Quite simply, you decide which data you send to your EFAFLEX Service partner, with all transmission prompts requiring confirmation.

Innovation in a small space

The EFA-SmartConnect® module can be installed with the introduction of the app in the door control of almost all doors. This permanently monitors the status of the door, highlighting any deviation to planned operating behavior with a simple alert, which can be simly forwarded to your EFAFLEX service partner for attention.