• Industrietor Rolltor


Our doors. Our world. Our future.

As a global player, we particularly know of the enormous explosiveness of the issue energy. More and more limited resources, increasing environmental pollution and increasing energy costs – all this is an incentive for us to design and build the world’s most efficient doors. Our commitment starts as early as with manufacturing and packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. And as far as the materials we use for our EFAFLEX high-speed doors are concerned, we always try to consider ecological aspects – thus, all laths are e.g. environmentally friendly and recyclable. Optimised transportation routes are only another example of the commitment of EFAFLEX. Global Player EFAFLEX – doors for a better world. Good heat insulation as well as the high opening and closing speed of EFAFLEX high-speed doors do not only reduce your energy costs but also contribute to protecting the environment and to dealing with valuable raw materials in a responsible manner. This is how we make a better future possible for the next generations!

EFAFLEX is a member of the initiative “Energy Efficiency Made in Germany”, which was launched by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.